Happy Holidays from

Chris and Jan Marsh


In 2015, Chis rode his bicycle from Key West to Canada and hopes to ride 10,000 miles by the end of the year.  Check out the video of his tour on UTube: DO THE THING YOU THINK YOU CANNOT DONext year we are both planning or doing a bicycle tour on Crete with the Bicycle Adventure Club.  In October, we will lead our fourth tour with them out of Moab, Utah.

The view from our home in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Here are some places of interest to visit on our site:

  1. -Photos of our House

  2. -2016 Moab Trip Website

  3. -The Sandoval County Cycling Club

  4. -Bicycle Maps

- Master Naturalist Training Videos

- Bikeacyclers Video (3 min.)

- Teton to Tides Video (45 min.)

We hope you enjoy them.